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the spa at Whistler offers a diverse range of treatments including massages, micro-needling, advanced skincare Environ facials, manicures, pedicures, and waxing. All Massage and facial treatments include complimentary access to the Westin Resort & Spa, Whistler pool and hot tub. 



A full-body Swedish massage uses long smooth strokes to help increase circulation and bring relaxation to the mind, body, and soul. 60 minutes.


A deeper massage with more direct pressure, to specific areas allowing relief of muscle tension and chronic pain.  60 minutes. 


This massage offers comfort and relaxation for the Mother-to-be. Performed during the second or third trimester.  60 minutes. 


This massage relieves built-up tension with medium pressure to bring attention to specific areas and yet brings relaxation to the body and mind. 60 minutes.


RMT Massage

A targeted and customized massage to restore and maintain optimal health for patients, based on the condition present.  60 minutes. 


Skin Treatments

Revolutionary treatment uses the Environ Ionzyme machine to apply a combination of electrical pulses and sound waves to drive active Vitamin A,C, and E to the lowest levels of the skin feeding the skin from the inside out, to help repair previous damage from Sun, Cold, exposure to external and internal surroundings. Helping combat scarred, blemished, aging, red, pigmented skin. Consultation is required prior to the facial. 


Learn more about the Advanced Skincare Environ Vitamin A, C, and E facials. 

Microblading is a semi-permanent superficial tattoo of the eyebrow. It is done with feather like strokes to mimic natural hair growth. Microblading typically lasts 1-3 years depending on skin type, age and lifestyle. Most people require annual touch ups for the skin to retain the pigment. The procedure is done with a hand held tool with ultra fine needles which is chosen according to your hair type. Each tool and every piece of material used during this procedure is completely disposable. Each stroke or ‘hair’ is etched precisely into the skin depositing a custom mixed pigment suitable to your skin tone.

A gentle technique that works at the level of the body’s lymphatic system to activate fluid circulation and stimulate the functioning of the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems. The result of these actions can include reductions in swelling, scar tissue, detoxification of the body, regeneration of tissue.

Therapists work with flat hands, using all the fingers to simulate gentle, specific wave-like movements. These subtle manual maneuvers activate lymph and interstitial fluid circulation as well as stimulate the functioning of the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems.


Vitamin A, C, and E
Sinus & Lymphatic Drainage

Nails & Waxing

Nail and cuticle care, massage and polish.  $90

Add on:

- Luxury Hydrating Paraffin Wax

- Gel Nails

Shaping the eyebrow to a designed shape, leaving a smooth and clean, hair-free zone.  $25

Application of a tint to the lashes to enhance length and thickness. $40 

Removal of hair from the sides of the bikini area. $35

Removal of hair from just above the knees to the ankles, or from the thighs to above the knees. $65

Removal of hair on arms. $40

Removal of hair from the back area.  $45

Nail and cuticle care, exfoliation, massage and polish. $110

Add on:

- Luxury Hydrating Paraffin Wax

- Gel Nails

- Reflexology Massage

Application of a tint to the brow to enhance the shape and definition giving a thicker and fuller look. $30

Removal of hair from the lip or chin area.  $20 each.

Removal of all hair from the bikini area. $60

Removal of hair from the top of the thighs to the ankles. $85

Removal of hair from under the armpit.  $30

Removal of hair from the chest area.  $60